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Civilized construction and environmental protection management system
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1. The general layout of the construction must comply with relevant national regulations on fire prevention and industrial hygiene.
2. The temporary installation project should be designed and construction can only be carried out after review and approval; after completion, it should be accepted by experience before it can be used. During use, it should be checked and maintained regularly.
3. Drainage facilities at the construction site should be fully planned.
4. The power pipeline laid on the construction site must not be cut or moved at will. If cutting or moving is required, approval procedures must be completed in advance.
5. The construction site and surrounding steep pits, deep pits, and high-voltage charged areas should be provided with protective facilities and warning signs; pits, trenches, holes, etc. should be covered with flat covers or reliable fences and barriers. Feet and warning signs. Dangerous spaces should be provided with red lights at night. It is strictly forbidden to move or divert other safety facilities on site.
6. The living area should be separated from the construction site. People who are not required for work are not allowed to stay at the site, and people who are not related to the construction are not allowed to enter the construction site.
7. Those who enter the construction site must wear safety helmets properly. It is strictly forbidden to wear slippers, sandals, high heels or shoes with nails. It is strictly forbidden to enter the construction site after drinking.
8. The construction site should be kept tidy, garbage and waste materials should be removed in time to achieve "completed work, exhausted materials, clean site", and adhere to civilized construction. Sweep rubbish and waste at a high place and do not throw it downwards.
9. When the company's project manager department compiles the design of the construction organization, it should be based on the pollution hazards that may be caused to the environment, such as polluted gas, sewage, waste residue, dust, radioactive materials, and noise and vibration generated during construction or other activities. Prepare environmental protection measures separately.
10. The company shall incorporate environmental protection education into its education and training plan. When organizing safety education and training, we should have no real knowledge of the actual situation of the project, take environmental protection measures and requirements, and knowledge of environmental protection laws and regulations as important contents of education and training, and train employees.
11. Greening measures should be taken in the office and living areas of the project site to improve the ecological environment. A sufficient number of waste materials, garbage cans and water flushing facilities should be set up on the site, and there should be special cleaning to maintain the sanitation of the construction environment on site.
12. Engineering garbage and domestic garbage generated during the construction of the project shall be sorted and timely transported to the designated place for centralized treatment to prevent environmental pollution.
13. The construction and domestic water used in the construction of the project shall be reasonably organized and discharged according to the way of cleanup and sewage diversion. Sewage should be discharged after being treated up to the standard, and prioritized for reuse at the construction site.
During the construction of the project, the excavation, filling, leveling of the site and the stacking of earth and stone must be strictly managed according to the plan and construction period determined by the construction organization design to prevent local soil and water loss. It is strictly forbidden to dump slag and garbage into the rivers, lakes and seas to prevent sedimentation and prevent flooding, which will cause environmental irrigation and soil erosion.
14. Engineering construction During the construction and after completion of the project, the original ecological appearance damaged during the construction process shall be timely repaired and restored, and greening measures shall be taken as far as possible.
15. For units and individuals who violate environmental protection laws, regulations and measures and cause environmental damage or pollution accidents, the person in charge of the company shall organize relevant department personnel to investigate and deal with the accidents, and pursue the responsibility for the accidents. Units and individuals who have made outstanding achievements in environmental protection work shall be commended and rewarded in a timely manner.

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