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Regulations on the issuance and use of hard hats
Author: Time: 2015-12-04 03:01:52 Views: 499
Safety helmet is a safety appliance to protect the head of personnel entering the construction site from accidental injuries. It is required that personnel entering the construction site must wear safety helmets according to regulations. At present, some comrades at our construction site still have deficiencies in the use and storage of hard hats, causing serious damage and loss. For example, sitting on a stool with a hard hat and carrying other items with a hat, usually littered and stolen. If you ca n’t find it, just leave your head on the construction site or ask for re-acquisition, and you do n’t take it with you when you switch to the construction site. When you go to the new construction site, you say “lost moving” and ask for re-acquisition. In order to strengthen management, the following provisions are made:
1. Anyone who enters the construction site must wear a helmet properly, or he will be punished for serious violations;
2. The helmets are purchased by the company's equipment department according to the national standard GB2811-89 helmet standards at designated national manufacturers or labor protection supplies stores.
3. The adoption of helmets shall be submitted by each unit, and shall be collected by the equipment department after being issued by the project manager department (the two departments of safety, equipment and equipment shall register the quantity, date, and variety of helmets received by each unit);
4. The useful life of the bamboo shell helmet is two years, and each unit should register and make a record when it is issued, and the old one will be replaced by the new one.
5. Agricultural technicians' helmets can be issued at the start of the project, but when issued, a security deposit of 5 yuan to 10 yuan must be charged according to the old and new levels of the hat;
6. The user of the helmet should keep it properly, take good care of it, do not use the helmet as a stool, or use the helmet for other purposes. Once found, a fine of 10 yuan will be imposed. Due to improper storage or damage or loss due to work within the specified service life, compensation must be calculated in proportion to the cap price and the use time before compensation can be reclaimed.
7. If it is damaged due to work, it must have a description of the cause of the damage signed by the leader of the unit in charge. After verification, it can be reclaimed without charge.
8. These regulations shall be implemented from the date of promulgation.

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