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荆州市长江船舶疏浚总队 ),始建于1971年1月,是一个从事水利水电工程施工,涉及大坝、隧道、水库、涵闸、灌渠、城市引水供水、小农水、设备安装、疏浚吹填等工作的综合企业。 Jingzhou Changjiang Water Conservancy and Hydropower Construction Engineering Company ( Jingzhou Yangtze River Dredging Corps ), founded in January 1971, is engaged in the construction of water conservancy and hydropower projects involving dams, tunnels, reservoirs, sluices, irrigation canals, urban water supply, small farmers Water, equipment installation, dredging and reclamation. The company's qualifications are general contracting level for water conservancy and hydropower engineering construction, professional contracting level for river and lake improvement projects, professional contracting level for embankment engineering, and professional contracting level for earthwork engineering. The organization is sound, the system is perfect, the economic and technological strength is strong, and the management is advanced.
The company has 5 dredging and reclamation construction vessels, of which the bucket wheel Jianghe No. 15 dredger machinery and equipment adopt advanced international configuration, with a power of 1,400 kW, and an excavation volume of 1,000 cubic meters per hour; the remaining 4 cutter suction Dredgers, each with a power of 1030 hp, dredged backfilling 200 cubic meters per hour.
The head office has a General Department, a Marketing Department, a Finance Department, an Engineering Department, and a Quality and Safety Department. It has mobile rescue teams and engineering fleets. There are 140 employees, including 80 professional and technical personnel. The company has 4 senior engineers specializing in water conservancy and hydropower; 42 engineers specializing in water conservancy and hydropower, 6 are first-level construction engineers, and 16 are second-level construction engineers. One national excellent project manager and three provincial excellent project managers.
Throughout the years of production and operation, the company is good at summing up experience, and has won various honors for the enterprise under the service tenet of people-oriented, honesty, and quality. In 2003, it established the ISO quality management system, environmental management system, and occupational health and safety management system. In 2007, it was awarded the top ten provincial and city sub-industry titles by the Statistics Bureau of Hubei Province. In 2008, it was named the National Outstanding Enterprise. In 2009, it won China Water Conservancy Project Quality (Dayu) Award; 2011 Hubei Province Water Conservancy Project Quality (Jianghan Cup) Award; 2012 Hubei Industry and Commerce Bureau "Contract-honoring and Credible" Enterprise; 2012 China Water Conservancy Engineering Association AAA Credit Level Certificates.
For 40 years, the company has undertaken the construction of large, medium and small water conservancy and hydropower projects in various places. In the Yangtze River Jianli, Honghu, Public Security, Dongting Lake and other places, more than 90 million cubic meters of earth and stone have been completed; in Guangdong, Tianjin and other places to build sea, the Yellow River and Huaihe dredging and reclamation projects have completed more than 26 million cubic meters. Meter. It has unique achievements in river and lake improvement, dyke engineering, earthwork, and outstanding scientific and technological achievements. Its scientific and technological achievement "Techniques for Increasing the Displacement of Medium-sized Dredgers" set a precedent for the long-distance conveying of medium-sized dredgers in China, making the conveying distance more than 5,000 meters. This technology won the second prize of Hubei Province Science and Technology Progress Award; "200 cubic meters" "Refit configuration of Misaki hour cutter suction dredger" won the first prize of the first scientific and technological progress in Jingzhou area; "Research on the capacity matching of 200 cubic meters of electric cutter suction dredger boat" won the third prize of the former Jingzhou progress.
In the past three years, the key projects undertaken by the company include: the 15th tender section of the Donghe Lake Dike Reinforcement Project in 2013 (anti-seepage wall project); the 2012 Dongdi Lake Dike Reinforcement Project in the Dongting Lake Dist. Project), Section 16 (seepage prevention wall project); Hefeng County return home migrant workers entrepreneurial park water supply project (masonry stone gravity dam diversion tunnel and equipment installation) A section; Badong County Xincheng water diversion project renovation project The second tender (tunnel water delivery); the second tender of the 2011 small farmland water conservancy key county project in Gong'an County; the 2011 rural drinking water safety project in Jiangling County; the Dadianhe recent governance project (phase II) project in Hefeng County; Zhongxiang Hongxing Reinforcement of reservoirs in danger; major project for land consolidation along the Hanjiang River for the South-to-North Water Diversion Project in Hubei Province; 3 sections of Zhanggang and Jiangchang projects in Tianmen City; 3 projects of Wuchuan Irrigation District Reconstruction Project in Changsha County, etc. Reconstruction, farmland water conservancy, irrigation station pumping stations, reservoir hazards, dam seepage prevention, urban water supply, diversion tunnels, land consolidation and other types. In the past three years, the bidding has achieved a total economic value of 330 million yuan, and the economic and technical indicators of the project have met the requirements of the owner, and have received unanimous praise.
After more than 40 years of hard work and strength, the company will, as always, adhere to the principles of equality, mutual benefit, honesty and trustworthiness, winning by quality, and sincere cooperation with the owners, with excellent management, perfect quality, and excellent service. To benefit the society and satisfy the owners. In accordance with the quality policy of "adhering to scientific management and striving for excellent projects", we will create first-class engineering and first-class quality with superb technology, sophisticated equipment and scientific management, and a pragmatic attitude to win the development of the company and society's affirmation. The trust of the owners.

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